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American Realty Group would be pleased to help you find your new home in Glendale, MO. Glendale was recently ranked #22 in the Nations Best Suburbs, so you'll surely be able to find the perfect home for your family in this wonderful small community.

From the Glendale official city website:

The City of Glendale, a residential suburb, expresses its spirit of neighborliness in a variety of community clubs and activities. Within the city limits is the gracious Algonquin Country Club, a social and recreational organization attracting members from many parts of the county. An active garden club provides a stimulus for constant scenic improvement of the city, and noteworthy accomplishments of many kinds are credited to the Glendale Women's Club, which dates its beginnings back to the city's early days. Then, meetings of the Women's Club were held at the fire house, the only public gathering place in town, and providing room for the ladies meant first moving the fire-fighting equipment out of its accustomed place. Ringing of the fire department's telephone during meetings occasioned consternation not only to the temporarily displaced firemen, but to the ladies, each of whom was afraid it might be her house that was burning. The present-day Women's Club counts among its projects one unique and extremely worthwhile venture, a community Red Cross blood bank contribution service which entails a 100 percent canvassing of the city for donors, and makes any city resident eligible for receiving blood in an emergency. Community service is almost taken for granted in Glendale, where a tradition of friendliness has always prevailed.


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