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We here at American Realty Group would be delighted to assist you in finding a new home in the beautiful city of Des Peres, MO. Below, you'll find some helpful general information about Des Peres.

From the official Des Peres city website:

Origin of the Name Des Peres
The French name "Des Peres" seems an unlikely name for a city settled largely by German immigrants and southerners from Virginia. However, the name was indelibly attached to the area long before the Town of Des Peres was formed in 1934.

Missionary Settlement
In 1701, a group of Jesuit missionaries established a settlement on the banks of the Mississippi River near the mouth of the Des Peres River. The name "Des Peres," which means "of the fathers,” traces its origins back to that early settlement.

The River Des Peres of the earlier days was not what we know it today but consisted of the main channel and all of its minor tributaries including what are known today as Deer Creek and Two Mile Creek, which flow through Des Peres. To the trappers and hunters who followed the course of the river and to the early settlers, this broad watershed was referred to as Des Peres.


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